Hi! I’m Neema Savvides, a certified Nutritionist with a BSc and Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition, the impact it has on the body and how it makes you feel. I truly believe that correct nutrition is the cornerstone to good health and vitality.

The body really is a fascinating machine, and when treated with respect and nourished with the right foods its functions can be optimised and illnesses overcome.

I take a realistic and holistic approach to achieving optimum nutrition and good health for my clients. Achieved through eating clean, natural foods – as close to nature as nature intended. The focus is to heal you purely, focusing on health, well-being, energy and vitality, identifying the root and underling cause of the health issue as opposed to masking the symptoms.

I live by the Hippocrates saying ‘Let your food be medicine and your medicine be food’.

Everyone is unique, and Nutritional Plans are constructed based on the individual, taking into account their diet, lifestyle, environment and many other factors. They are easy to follow and are not regimented in any way. I will give you the knowledge to help heal yourself from the inside.

I’m a fully qualified member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) which imposes a strict Code of Ethics and Practice on its members.

Contact me today for your free 10 minute consultation to start your journey to a better you.