Before attending a consultation with me, you’ll received a questionnaire to complete the return. This gives me some background information which will enable us to use your consultation time most effectively.

During the consultation we’ll take the information you’ve already provided and discuss it further to ensure you get a realistic plan that’s tailored to your individual needs.

Energy based testing may be carried out depending on your individual needs. During the consultation I’ll advise on the appropriate test, whether it be for digestion, weight, skin, hormone or problems such as fatigue and headaches etc.

Understanding all these factors gives a starting point for intervention and is the precursor to restoring health.

At the end of the consultation you will have a personal health plan tailored to your needs. I also provide my contact details – you’re not alone once you leave my clinic. I’m available to any questions you may have or if you just need some motivation, encouragement and support. This is not an overnight process, but I will work with you so that you achieve your health goal.

Establishing duration of the treatment will depend on you. However I always recommend a follow up treatment 4 weeks later to assess your progress, answer any questions you may have and review the test results together.

Initial consultations are carried out in person, but when needed follow up consultations can take place by phone or Skype.

Contact me today for your free 10 minute consultation to start your journey to a better you.