Pregnancy & fertility

Nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload can have a major effect on fertility by upsetting the balancing of hormone levels and reducing sperm quality and motility. These can affect your chances of conceiving.

Ensuring you are taking in the correct nutrients to meet the dietary demands of pregnancy and that your body is eliminating toxins as efficiently as possible can improve your chances of conceiving.

Your body’s nutritional demands change significantly from pre-conception through to breast feeding, and we can ensure you’re fulfilling these requirements.

The food you eat can affect your health during pregnancy, the development of your baby, as well as your energy levels and morning sickness, so it’s vital to have the correct nutrition during this crucial time.

The aim of my preconception plan is to help you improve your chances of conceiving by:

  • Addressing any nutritional deficiencies
  • Addressing and eliminating any signs of toxic overload
  • Improving the health and quality of the ova and sperm
  • Balancing hormone levels
  • Addressing any other factors that may be affecting your chances of conceiving such as environmental factors and stress levels.

My aim is to help you support your body during this nutritionally demanding time. Contact me today to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need before, during and after pregnancy.

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