The Holy Grail of suncreams.  The Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face has been a lifesaver and in my opinion the best suncream for spot prone skin.

I get asked a lot what products I use on my face (I will put together a list soon) hence why this post came about, so whilst it’s non nutritional, it’s an important topic nonetheless.

My skin is rather sensitive and no matter what suncream I used it always made me break out in spots.

I was caught between wanting to protect my skin and yet nervous about how my skin would react. It was so frustrating and always made me slightly cautious of what and how much suncream I used on my face.

Not until I found this little gem that is.

My skin is happy and protected yet spot free.  The cream isn’t overly thick and sinks into the skin without clogging up pores. Genius.

If you’re having the same issues please do try it out.  I use Factor 30 but it also goes up to Factor 50 for those in need of extra protection.