An article in the Daily Mail  brought our attention to these stamina pills which had been found to contain powdered baby flesh.

This is truly horrifying and just goes to show far we still have to go in regulating this industry, and how little we know about what goes into the supplements we take.

As well as the dried baby powder, scientists have discovered the supplements in question contain a super bacteria which means that the body will be unable to overcome it, and it will be resistant to the antibiotics that we have on the market – a position no-one wants to be in.  Whilst I’ve never heard of any westerners taking this drug specifically (although the chances of someone admitting to taking them are slim) the use of chinese herbal medicines are huge.

This isn’t the first time something like this has come up – previous studies have shown chinese herbals to contain endangered species – rhino horn, bear paws etc.  That doesn’t mean that the western supplements are much better, with reports claiming the presence of lead, arsenic, mercury and pesticides…

The moral of the story: Don’t take anything where you don’t know the true ingredients!