Here’s part 2 of my favourite healthy snacks, following on from my Favourite Snacks Part 1

avocados1. Avocados

Cut one in half, grab a spoon and go crazy!

2. Almond/peanut butter

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little peckish, a spoonful of almond/peanut butter can really help to take the edge the my hunger.

egg muffins3. Egg muffins

These are so simple to make, are portable and you can even freeze them as well! Mix vegetables of your choice (l like onions, peppers and spinach) with beaten eggs, season and fill the mixture into muffin tins.  Bake for 10-15 minutes.

4. Peanut butter on a banana
This is another firm favourite, and is a lot more substantial than Option 2.  Tastes (almost!) like a healthy banoffee pie. It’s a particularly great pre and post workout snack.

5. Bounce ballsPeanut_Protein_B_5398ccaf3775b
These are available from most supermarkets and health foods stores. They’re super filling, tasty and portable. My favourite is the peanut butter one.

6. Leftovers

We are big eaters in this house, and the more I cook the more we seem to eat, so there aren’t many times when we actually have leftovers in this house. However, when we do, it’s joy, and makes for the perfect snack.