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Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

I’ve been pretty slack on the breakfast front lately, and have been alternating between a protein smoothie and yoghurt and granola. Both are delicious and high in protein but well, it was all getting a bit samey. Overnight oats are such a favourite of mine as I can chuck it all together the night before and… Read more »

Product Review – KIN WHEY-LESS Protein Powder

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

I have been using protein powders for years, but stopped taking whey protein powders a long time ago because they just didn’t agree with me. Whey can be difficult to digest and if you don’t tolerate dairy well, like me, it’s always been a bit of a no-no. Enter, KIN. KIN add probiotics (good gut bacteria)… Read more »

Peanut Butter Protein Porridge

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

Honestly, this peanut butter protein porridge (ha, try saying that quickly!) was one of THE most delicious breakfasts I have had in a long time. The vanilla, macca and peanut butter just work so well together, in a beautiful peanut buttery/salted caramel-like heaven.  I hear you, you are welcome! Also, how nice is it to have… Read more »

Raspberry overnight oats

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

I am LOVING overnight oats at the moment.  They just make the easiest and most convenient brekkie. It’s perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and it makes for a great pre-workout meal too.  If you make individual portions in a mason or clip top jar you can even take it straight to work… Read more »

Raspberry Protein Smoothie

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

My go-to protein smoothie is usually chocolate based, so making this raspberry based one was a welcomed change. This is a great post workout smoothie as the banana (carbohydrate) helps the body to absorb the protein powder more efficiently. Having protein with every meal and snack is really important to help balance blood sugar levels,… Read more »

The Essential Indian Spices Kit

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

Ah the ‘Masala dabba’ – a mandatory piece of kit in any Indian person’s home.  It literally translates to spice (masala) tin (dabba) and contains all the essential Indian spices. With this tin in hand you can pretty much cook any Indian dish.  Now, there are a host of different dishes and cultures within India,… Read more »

The smart person’s guide to supplements (my top 5!)

Neema Savvides | Fertility Nutrition

Supplements should be just that – supplementary to a good diet. That said, they can be extremely beneficial, helping to provide much needed boost.  Here are my Top 5: 1. Best for digestion: Probiotics A personal favourite of mine. These help to boost the beneficial bacteria in your gut which in turn helps the digestive process… Read more »

PMS symptoms part 1: Beat the monthly bloat

Every month us ladies have the pleasure of going through menstruation and all the associated symptoms that come with it – PMS, bloating, mood swings, cravings and problem skin. Food and hormones are so intrinsically linked that what you eat can drastically affect your monthly symptoms.  One of the most common symptoms is bloating, which… Read more »